Functions and missions of VDB
According to the Decision No.1515/QĐ-Ttg dated 3 September 2015, by the Prime Minister, VDB’s functions and missions are as below:
*Capital mobilization
- Issue bonds guaranteed by the Government in accordance with law provisions.
- Issue bonds, promissory notes, certificates of deposit, valuable papers in VND in accordance with law provisions;
- Get loans from Vietnam Social Security, domestic, foreign financial and credit institutions in accordance with law provisions;
- Have access to SBV’s refinancing as regulated by law provisions and by the SBV’s guidance.
- Receive trusted funds from domestic and foreign organizations.
- Mobilize other capital sources in accordance with laws provisions.
*Credit activities
- Provide loans in compliance with the State’s credit policies; provide loans to programs, projects assigned by the Government and the Prime Minister.
- Provide guarantee to SMEs loans from commercial banks in accordance with to the Prime Minister’s regulations.
- On-lend foreign loan capital from the Government.
- Provide short-term loans in accordance with Decisions of the Prime Minister in the principle that the State budget shall not cover interest difference.
*Entrust and receive trusted funds
- To be entrusted to mobilize capital and to provide loans in accordance with law provisions.
- To be entrusted to manage credit guarantee funds for SMEs and local financial funds in term with the local development objectives.
- To entrust credit institutions to perform certain VDB’s activities according to law provisions
- To entrust or to be entrusted to provide financial and banking services to clients in compliance with to law provisions.
*Participate in the inter-bank market; implement inter-payment; provide payment services, foreign exchange services and other banking services to customers; implement
foreign exchange activities; participate in domestic and international payment systems according to law provisions and to the SBV’s guidance.
*Perform other tasks as assigned by the Government or by the Prime Minister.

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