. Be a Government policy-based bank, its operations are not-for- profit, aiming to sustainment, efficiency, ensuring sufficient capacity to implement investment credit policies of the State.

. Support socio-economic development, VDB becomes an  independent DFI in terms of funds and operation.

. Operate actively and dynamically in the financial market to improve capital efficiency and optimize the social resources for the economy.

. Continue to enhance its institutional capacity aiming to build up VDB’s autonomy in operation with less state’s support.

. Improve VDB’s organization and operations in compliance with international practices.

. Improve credit quality; strengthen risk management system.

. Targets achieved by 2015:

+ Disbursement: 4%-5% of the total  social investment in average.

+ Total assets growth rate: 15%/year;

+ Funding and credit growth rate: 15%/year;

+ NPLs≤ 5% and CAR ≥ 15%.

. Restructure banking activities to 2020:

+ Determine CAR achieving 10% by 2020, VND 30,000 billion equity in 2020 (~USD 1.4 billion), bad debt ratio at 4% - 5% in 2020.

+ Improve  revenue and expenditure balance, reduce subsidies from the state budget to ensure the financial self-control in operation from 2020.

+ Modernize banking technology.

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