Projects financed by VDB before 2015

* Project “Investment in construct living waste treatment and recycling factory"

 - Project owner: Tam Sinh Nghia Investment Development Company

- Capacity: 1.000 tons of waste/ day. Output: 91.000 tons of micro organism fertilizer/year and 10.920 tons of recycled plastic/year.

- Total investment: VND 700,2 billions. VDB’s financing as loan : VND 464 billion at  6,9%/year. Loan maturity of 10 years with  2 years of grace

- Equipment : The project use technology of sewage treatment developed by ANSINH-ASC which is domestic.

- Construction time: 16 months, from 04/2008 to the end of 08/2009.

* Project “Investment in development of socio-economy in Attap­/Laos”

- Project owner: Economy Cooperation Company No. 385 directly under Corporation No. 15.

- Objectives: exploitation, planting, growing and exploitation of 3.500 hectares of rubber trees in Attapu – Laos;

- Implementation time: 2006 - 2040;

- Total investment: VND 546,468 million. VDB’s financing: VND 428 billion at 6,9%/year. Loan maturity of 15 years with 5 years of grace.

 *Project “Dong Nai 2 Hydro Power Plant”

 Dong Nai 2 Hydro Power Plant belongs to list of power plants in operation in the period of 2006-2015 issued with the Decision No. 110/2007/QD-TTg dated 18/7/2007 by the Prime Minister regarding the approval of the Plan for development of the National electricity grid for the period of 2006-2015 and considering to the year 2025 (Plan for Electricity VI).

- Project owner: Trung Nam Hydro Power Joint Stock Company

- Objectives: hydro power plant construction, increasing electricity capacity of the national electricity network;

- Project: + Installation power plant of 70MW;

              + Location: Di Linh - Lam Dong.

- Total investment: VND 1,948 billion. VDB’s financing: VND 916 billion at 6,9%/year. loan maturity: maximum 12 years (144 months) with 2 years of grace at maximum; Principal payment maturity: 10 years (120 months).

* Project: Xekaman Hydro Power Plant 3

 - Project owner:  Viet – Lao Electricity Joint Stock Company

- Capacity: 250 MW

- Project location: Dakchung district –Sekong province – Laos

- Form of investment: BOT (construction time: 04 years, operating time 25 years)

Total investment: VND 4,260 billion. VDB’s financing of 1,147 billion VND at 7,8% and 8,4% per annum. Loan maturity of 144 months with 48 months of grace. Principal repayment: 96 months.

*Song Bung 4 Hydro Power Plant project

-  Project category:   A

-  Project owner: EVN

-  Project Location: Bhing commune, Zuoi commune and a part of Cha Val commune, Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province

-  Total investment (under Decision No 660/QD-EVN-HDQT dated August 7th, 2007 by Vietnam EVN):

Total investment: VND 4.254,61 billion of which

-Construction cost: VND 1.929, 63 billion

- Equipment purchase: VND 649,37 billion

- Environment, compensation and resettlement cost: VND 471,61 billion

- Other costs: VND 647,81 billion

- Wire cost: VND 118,39 billion

- Provisions: VND 419,85 billion

- Commitment fee: VND 17,95 billion

- Total investment (VAT not included): VND 3.967 billion

- Investment capital: VND 4.254,61 billion, of which VDB’s financing is VND 646 billion. In accordance with credit contract No. 786/2008/HĐTDĐT-NHPT dated October 10, 2008, VND 250 billion loan amount is extended at 6,9% p.a. and other VND 396 billion with interest rate of 11,6% p.a. under credit contract No 609/HĐBS dated August 18, 2010);

- Objectives: compensation and resettlement for residents in Song Bung 4 hydropower plant location

- Capacity of 156MW and annual electricity production of 623,8kWh

- Construction time: 4 year. The project is completed in 2012

*Project “Fertilizer production plant from coal dust with capacity of 1.760 tons per day”

- Ninh Binh fertilizer production plant is in category A

- Project owner: Viet Nam National Chemical Group

- Total investment: USD 667,046,503.

- Total loan amount approved by VDB: USD 291.000.000, of which VND 3.440 billion’s loan amount from VDB (equivalent to USD 215.000.000) has state investment credit’s interest rate as stipulated by the government; VND 1.330 billion (equivalent to USD 76.000.000) will have agreed interest rate:

- For investment credit (VND 3.440 billion): outstanding before February 12, 2009 at 12% p.a, and outstanding arising after is  6,9%/ p.a;  loan maturity of 180 months; repayment period of 138 months starting by March 2012.

- For agreed interest rate credit  (USD 76.000.000): loan maturity of 172 months, grace period  of 34 months, repayment period of 138 months starting March 2012./.

* Bac Lieu wind power Project

Project name: Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant’s First Phase I with capacity of 16 MW.

Project owner: Cong Ly Construction, Trading and Tourism Company. Ltd

project Location: Vinh Trach Dong commune, Baclieu town, Baclieu province.

Total investment: approximately VND 5.200 trillion.

Total VDB financing: VND 819 billion.

Construction time: 2010-2013.

Completion Date:  May 2013.

Being the first wind power project in the Mekong Delta, the project has created  jobs and made support for socio-economic development in Bac Lieu province. Since its first phase’s completion in May 2013 to date (December 2013), its 10 installed turbines generated 10 million kW to the national power grid with esteemed annual capacity of  over 55 million kWh.

* Project “Quang Phuc cement factory”

Project owner: Vietnam Construction Material Production Company. Ltd

Location: Van Hoa commune, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province.

Total investment: VND 4.080 trillion.

Total VDB’s credit: VND 2117.6 trillion.

Construction time:  2009 - 2013.

Completion time:  June /2013.

Quang Phuc Cement Project is a bright spot in investment field of the local area. It made a breakthrough in Van Hoa’s socio – economic development in the process of industrialization and created hundred jobs more.

* Project “TH Fresh milk processing Plant, Phase I”

- Project: TH fresh milk processing Plant with designed capacity of 500,000 tons of processed fresh milk / year, the first phase:  200,000 tons / year.

- Project owner: TH Group.

- Project location: Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province.

- Total investment: USD 350 million.

- Total VDB's credit: VND 3.822 trillion.

- Construction time: 2011-2013.

- In operation since: July 2013.

The first phase of the project in operation provides dairy fresh milk for the  domestic market, partly substituting imported ones and creates job. Together with other dairy companies, the project contributes to enhance Vietnam’s position on the world’s dairy market, stabilize the domestic market. Furthermore, consumers will have more choices to get quality milk products with competitive price.

*Some outstanding projects financed by VDB in 2015

*Project of Lao Cai copper smelter plant expansion

Project owner: Vinacomin mineral holding Corporation (under Vietnam coal – mineral industries holding Corporation Limited)

Location: Ban Qua commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province

Total investment after tax:   VND 3.955 trillion

VDB’s financing:  VND 2.222 trillion

Project’s Objective: to set up a new copper smelting production line with designed capacity of 20.000 tons/year. This new facility will collect other mineral materials such as gold, silver and sulfuric acid gotten at the refinery process.

Expected completion time: by the end of 2018. In operation, the project will make a contribution of VND145 billion/year to the state budget and create more than 500 jobs.

*Second phase of Bac Lieu wind power project

Project owner:  Cong Ly Construction, Commerce and Tourism Ltd. Co.

Project Location: Vinh Trach Dong commune, Bac Lieu city (Bac Lieu province)

Total investment: VND  4.070 trillion

VDB’s financing as state credit: VND 3.410 trillion.

 The project has 52 turbines with capacity of 83.2MW

The wind energy center will partly meet the electricity demand of the country from renewable energy source. It does not have negative environmental impact which is in line with the national policy for clean energy development and against climate change

*Exploitation and processing of potash salt mines in Laos

Project owner: Vietnam National Chemical Group (Vinachem)

Location: Nongbok district, Khammouan province, People's Democratic Republic of Laos

Total investment: USD 522 million.

VDB’s financing: USD 113,1 million, loan maturity of 12 years and 4 years of grace.

*Production expansion project, phase 2 - Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Joint Stock Corporation

Project owner: Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Joint Stock Corporation (TISCO)

Total project investment: VND 8.104 trillion.

  VND 1.359 trillion additional credit from VDB for the second phase taking its total financing for the project up to VND 2.964 trillion.

Loan maturity from January 2017 to November 2021 at 8.5%/year

In operation, the project will create about 6000 jobs, contribute to province socio-economic development      

* Dong Van hydropower plant project

Project owner: Dakrong hydropower joint stock Company

Location: Dong Van commune, Que Phong district, Nghe An province

Total investment: VND824.6 billion, designed capacity 28MW

VDB’s financing: VND575 billion as state investment credit at rate determined at  the disbursement, loan maturity of 12 years

In operation, the project will provide national power grid with  102,05 million kwh per year to. It contributes to monitor and control water resources; create jobs for local workers, thus supports economic development in remote areas of Nghe An province.    

*Nho Que 1 hydropower plant

Project owner: Bitexco Group

Location: Dong Van Commune (Dong Van district) and communes of Xin Cai, Giang Chu Phin, Thuong Phung, Pa Vi, Pai Lung (Meo Vac district), Ha Giang province

Total investment: about VND993 billion, designed capacity of 32MW

VDB’s financing of VND626 billion with 12 years of maturity and grace period of 2.5 years

Along with power production, the project significantly contributes to ensure national energy security and social and economic development of the region.      

*Phuong Dong general hospital

Project owner: Phuong Dong medical complex Ltd.Company

Location: Co Nhue ward, Bac Tu Liem district, Ha Noi city

Total investment (stage 1): over VND938 billion

VDB’s financing: VND572 billion

With 250 beds, the first stage of the project is expected to be completed and come into operation in first quarter 2017     

*Song Lo 2 hydropower plant

Project owner: Thanh Binh Co.,Ltd.

Location: Dao Duc commune, Vi Xuyen district, Ha Giang province

Project classified in the group B with the designed capacity of 28MW

Total investment on fixed asset: VND898.5 billion

VDB’s financing: VND560 billion

Construction time: quarter I/2014 – quarter I/2017  

*Song Lo 4 hydropower plant

Project owner: Song Lo 4 hydropower joint stock Company

Location: Tan Thanh commune, Bac Quang district, Ha Giang province

Project classified in the group B, designed capacity of 24MW

Total investment on fixed asset: over VND635.7 billion

VDB’s financing:  VND445 billion

Construction time : quarter I/2015 – quarter II/2017

When come into operation the project will provide 76,47 million kwh per year, create about 30 jobs.

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