1. Equity:

a) The charter capital of VDB;

b) Differences from revaluation of assets, exchange rate;

c) The additional charter capital reserve fund, the investment and development fund;

d) Undistributed operating results;

e) The construction investment capital from the State budget;

f) Other capital owned by VDB.

2. Raised funds:

a) Issuance of bonds guaranteed by the Government under the provisions of law;

b) Issuance  of bonds,  promissory  notes,  certificates  of deposit,  valuable papers in  the local currency of VDB under the provisions of law;

c)  Loans  from  Vietnam  Social  Insurance;  domestic  and  foreign  financial,  credit institutions in accordance with law;

d) Loans from the refinancing at State Bank of Vietnam in accordance with law and the guidance of the State Bank of Vietnam;

e) Receiving entrusted deposits of domestic and foreign organizations.

3. Other capital sources include:

a) State budget support after investment;

b) Granted capital from the State budget to implement policy credit  task of the State and other duties assigned by the Government, the Prime Minister; capital for guarantee risk reserve fund;

c) Foreign loans of the Government authorized by the Ministry of Finance to lending;

d) Capital entrusted by local authorities, domestic and foreign organizations (hereinafter referred to as the  entrustee) to provide loans for investment and development projects through entrustment contract between VDB and the entrustee;

e)  Non  refundable  capital  voluntarily  contributed  by  individuals  and  economic organizations,  financial  credit  institutions  and  political  -  social  organizations, associations, societies, domestic and foreign organizations;

f) Other sources as provided by law.

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