Celebration ceremony for Nam Ban 3 - hydro power plant construction

01/04/2021 12:04

The Nam Ban 3 Power Development Investment Co., Ltd. on March 28, 2021 has held ceremony to celebrate the completed construction of his project with the same name in Trung Chai commune, Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province.

 Being classified in B group, the Nam Ban 3 hydropower plant is located at the upper of Nam Ban mainstream, on the area of Nam Ban and Trung  Trai communes, Nam Nhun district, Lai Chau province. With 02 turbins, generating a total capacity of 22MW, the project has total investment of VND797.817 billion of which VND 530.000 billion were financed from Vietnam Development Bank. The funding from VDB comprised VND430,000 billion of state investment credit and VND100.000 billion of JICA’s fund onlent through VDB which took credit risk. Owner’s equity covered the rest VND267.817 billion.

After more than 4 years of construction, the project has been put into operation and connected to the national grid in early March 2021, providing with an annual average output of about 84.09 million KWh.
In operation, the project has contributed to support socio-economic development, enhance the environment condition in the residential area, prevent flood for some area of Nam Ban downstream. It generates  about VND27 billion  revenue for Lai Chau province’s budget and creates dozens jobs for of local workforce ./.

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