Operation Center I: Signing an on-lending contract of foreign loan with Vietnam national space Center

23/08/2022 12:08

On August 19, 2022, in Ha Noi, under MOF’s authorization and VDB’s assignment, Operation Center I – VDB and Vietnam national space Center (VNSC) have signed an on-lending contract of JPY 926.504 million to finance second phase of the Project for Disaster and Climate change countermeasures using Earth Observation Satellite.

 Previously, in 2020, VDB’s Operation Center I had signed with VNCS a JPY 231,626 million on-lending contract to finance the 1st phase of this project. 

The objective of the Project is to upgrade and establish Vietnam's disaster and climate change planning, mitigation, and response, by providing earth observation satellites, equipment and facilities for satellite development and utilization, and, capacity development for O&M of the equipments and facilities, by contributing to improvements of living and social conditions in Vietnam 
The project will provide required equipments for the development and usage of earth observation satellites facilities in Hoa Lac, Hanoi, improve analysis of data obtained from satellites as well as to  build up capacity for staff in charge of operating and maintaining equipments. 
The project has a special significance to the Vietnam’s science and economy. The credit contract signing event reaffirmed VDB's role and contribution  to the development of Vietnam ./.


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