VDB attended the Workshop on Climate Finance Integrity hosted by GIZ and the Integrity Forum hosted by the GCF from 8th to 15th September in Bangkok, Thailand.

09/10/2023 12:10

VDB attended the Workshop on Climate Finance Integrity hosted by GIZ from 8th to 11th September in Bangkok, Thailand. The workshop had the participation the Peer to peer learning Alliance members, of which VDB is a founding one. The objectives of the Workshop were to support members to adopt and effectively implement robust integrity and anti-corruption policies through peer learning. It also provided a trust-based platform to strengthen dialogue and knowledge exchange on how to safeguard climate finance.

 Also in Bangkok, from 12th to 15th September, The Independent Integrity Unit of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) hosted the 2nd GCF Integrity Forum with the participation of Direct Access Entities (DAEs) from 31 countries. Forum aimed to promote collaborative efforts in tackling integrity challenges in climate finance and foster a culture of accountability, transparency, and integrity. The Forum provided an opportunity to learn about new updates to the GCF Integrity Policy Framework and the obligation of DAEs to uphold GCF integrity standards in implementing GCF-funded activities. The Forum also offered a peer-learning exercise to share best practices in critical technical areas, current trends and practices within their organisations and their respective efforts to ensure compliance with GCF integrity standards.

As a National Implementing Entity (NIE) recognized by GCF from 2021, VDB has been actively implementing and completing the necessary procedures to carry out the comprehensive role of NIE. The results achieved from attending the above conference and forum create a foundation for building VDB intenal policies on integrity in the implementation of projects funded by GCF and other foreign organizations./.

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