Dong Nai 2 hydropower plant starting to generate electricity

09/12/2014 12:12

The second turbin of Dong Nai 2 hydropower plant is officially put in operation on December 2nd , 2014, marking a milestone in the construction and completion of the project.

The Dong Nai 2 hydropower plant,  owned by Trung Nam Power Joint stock Company, started its construction in 2009 on Di Linh and Lam Ha Districts, Lam Dong province. The project has total investment of VND 3.435 trillion, of which VDB’s financing represents VND 1.533 trillion.

In operation, the two turbins plant with a designed capacity of 70 MW contribute 263,8 million kWh/year to the national power grid, reducing the power shortage in Lam Dong province in particular and the country in general.

With the expected turn over of about VND490 billion / year, Dong Nai 2 Hydropower Project will contribute about VND126 billion per year to state budget, create more jobs, and promote local economic and social development.

The first turbin of the plant was in operation and connected to the national power grid and and generated electricity on November 2014./.

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